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Marketing Database Excellence

Dovetail is a best-in-class database marketing service provider focused on the middle market.

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Experts in Custom, Data-Driven Marketing Databases

Dovetail develops, hosts, maintains and provides access to marketing databases.

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Dovetail Integrates Your Marketing Data and Provides Easy Access to It

Trustworthy + Accessible + Fresh + Integrated = TAFI

TAFI = Actionable Marketing Data


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A Holistic View

Imagine integrating marketing data that currently sits in silos throughout your organization. Buyers, online/offline behaviors, prospects, promotion history, demographics, and more.

Connected marketing intelligence at your fingertips.

Easy Access

Imagine easy access to usable marketing data from anywhere. Use the Dovetail Application® or software of your choice to consume data in a Dovetail-built marketing database.

Accessible marketing intelligence throughout your organization.

Custom AND Cost-Effective

Imagine a fully-customized marketing database solution that won’t break the bank. Dovetail’s proven database architecture supports customization that meets every marketer’s need.

Customized and affordable marketing intelligence.

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Whether you are considering a marketing database for the first time or
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Dovetail makes your marketing data actionable

Dovetail ensures your data is always TAFI (Trustworthy, Accessible, Fresh and Integrated) and can be leveraged by any marketing application or software. And, any relevant data in your marketing software is integrated back into your data-driven marketing database.


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