Marketing Database Excellence

Dovetail is a best-in-class database marketing service provider focused on the middle market and providing you with the tools for data-driven marketing.

Experts in Custom, Data-Driven Marketing Databases

Dovetail develops, hosts, maintains and provides access to marketing databases.

Dovetail Integrates Your Marketing Data and Provides Easy Access to It

Trustworthy + Accessible + Fresh + Integrated = TAFI

TAFI = Data-Driven Marketing Success

Does your marketing data leave you questioning its reliability?

Trustworthy data is mandatory for marketers. Dovetail applies cutting edge techniques and uses your business rules to esnure your data is accurate and ready to use for data-driven marketing purposes.

Is Your Data Disparate, Siloed and Fragmented?

Dovetail creates a Single Customer View by integrating the marketing data that exists throughout your organization into one unified marketing database—providing a 360° view of your customers and prospects.

Are you unable to access your marketing data?

You don’t have to know technical tools and you don’t have to go through your IT staff. Marketers have access via the Dovetail Application—a web-based tool built specifically for marketers. You can also use any software tool of your choice.

It's Trustworthy

Know your data is reliable, accurate and ready for
marketing purposes.


It's Accessible

Your data is always easily and quickly accessed right
from your browser.


It's Fresh

Current, accurate, reliable, campaign ready marketing
data anytime.


It's Integrated

All marketing datasets are combined and a Single Customer View is created.