ignite marketing and sales systems

A True Marketing Database Ignites Marketing and Sales Systems

The data that fuels marketing and sales systems ultimately leads to the success of your marketing initiatives. Therefore, the pristine, fully-integrated, actionable marketing data found only in a true marketing database is essential to reach your marketing goals.

A true marketing database is a powerhouse for marketers. One system of record allows marketers to see the complete picture of their consumers and to perform pertinent marketing functions otherwise unreachable. For example, marketers now have the ability to:

  • Track promotional history
  • Analyze customer purchase behaviors and lifetime value
  • Provide a unified message across all marketing channels
  • Provide pristine, actionable, fully-integrated marketing data to leverage in marketing and sales systems

Many marketing and sales systems contain marketing data. These systems may even claim to include a marketing database. However, the term “marketing database” has different meanings throughout the industry. A true marketing database fully integrates marketing data from every system within your organization that contains marketing data. Examples of systems containing valuable marketing data include:

  • Operational/POS transactional
  • Email (ESP)
  • CRM system
  • Call center
  • Web analytics/Web data

By integrating all marketing and sales systems within your organization you create a true marketing database that sustains a multi-channel, integrated, single source of record.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud recently released The State of Marketing Leadership report. The report states, “Only 17% of respondents said their company had fully integrated their customer data across all areas of the organization”.

Your marketing database must not only be fully integrated, but intelligent enough to roll-up the data from each system to the appropriate record level. Record level examples include individual, email, phone, household, postal address, and IP address. This process is known as entity resolution and is essential for effective cross-channel marketing. Without this valuable cross-channel integration and entity resolution, marketers lack the complete picture of their customer and their multi-channel purchase experiences.

A true marketing database is constantly receiving and exporting valuable marketing data to ensure the marketing data in all of your marketing and sales systems is current and actionable. Leverage the data from your true marketing database into CRM, marketing automation systems, ESP’s, call centers, and predictive modeling platforms—any marketing or sales system starving for real-time, accurate, fully-integrated marketing data.
Start leveraging your multi-channel single source of record today and know your marketing is based on the most up-to-date, pristine marketing data available to your organization.

Features & Benefits of the Dovetail Marketing Database Solution

  • Integration with all necessary business systems
  • Ability to tap into your marketing database from marketing and sales systems anytime—creating valuable real-time access to your marketing data
  • A variety of standard and custom reporting options