Are you able to identify and effectively manage your chronic non-responders? Ideally, you would either stop marketing or reduce your marketing frequency to individuals who do not respond and likely never will respond. But you do not want to stop or decrease marketing too early to someone who may respond in the future. It is a delicate balancing act to determine when the cost of marketing exceeds the benefit and when to stop or slow down marketing to certain individuals. Determining when this line is crossed starts with effective promotion history management and analyzing this information to identify and act on chronic non-responders.

There is a significant financial benefit to identifying your chronic non-responders and executing campaigns per these findings. Use your marketing database to track each and every marketing touch. Maximize revenue and minimize cost by continuing to market to the right people; and based on your business rules, modify your marketing cadence once they have crossed your threshold to become chronic non-responders.

In future One-Minute-Briefs, Dovetail will continue to provide quick hitting thoughts and insights to help you get the most from your marketing database.