Dovetail’s Marketing Database Solution

Each marketing database solution is backed with Dovetail’s commitment to provide the best possible service and solution. Why? It’s simple. Because we want happy, successful clients who are able to effectively leverage their marketing data to exceed their goals. You will always get the following from Dovetail.

Exceptional Client Service

You need exceptional client service. How is this done? It starts by working with a database marketing service provider that has an organizational commitment to stellar service. Dovetail’s leadership team has been intact for over a decade. Individually and collectively, service is our single most important mission. Not sales. Not growth. Service.

Each client is assigned a primary point-of-contact Client Relationship Manager as well as a back-up Client Relationship Manager. Client Relationship Managers are accessible by phone, email, IM, and text. Additionally, we meet in-person with our clients to ensure we understand their current business and evolving needs. Dovetail’s Client Relationship Managers are not paid on commission. They are there for one reason: to service the client.

We support your marketing database solution, the marketing data that’s in it, and the database marketing software that accesses the marketing database. Additionally, we meet in-person with our clients to ensure we understand their current business and evolving needs. We are experts in your marketing data and the business rules that are applied in your marketing database. Your marketing database solution is kept actionable by outstanding service and application flexibility.

If you are talking to other companies about a marketing database solution, ask them for references. Ask them if you can talk to any client you choose. If the answer is no, it’s time to talk to Dovetail.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Database marketing service providers are notorious for charging excessive rates—often 7-figure annual costs—for a marketing database solution. Dovetail is different. The price of your marketing database solution is determined based on your needs. Not based on what the market will bear. Not based on the value of the marketing database to the client. Not based on what the sales guys say we can get. It’s simple. We take the time to thoroughly understand your needs, and then determine the price. This philosophy saves our clients valuable marketing dollars—typically a 40% savings from large MSPs.

Dovetail never sacrifices quality or service to provide a marketing database solution at a low price. Dovetail takes a refined, disciplined approach when determining the price of a new marketing database solution. Without fail, the result is a competitive price for a first-rate marketing database solution that is supported by a dedicated staff providing impeccable service.

A cost-effective marketing database solution really does exist.

Fast Rollouts

Database marketing service providers are known for over-promising and under-delivering. Unfortunately, marketing database solution rollout deadlines in our industry are routinely missed, can take a year or longer, and often the marketing database never really performs to initial expectations. Dovetail does things differently. We rollout on-time. Always, every time. Our typical implementation timeframe is 90 to 120 days and we have never had a failed marketing database implementation.

When Dovetail states the timeline for a rollout, you can count on it. We are so confident in our implementation timelines that we put it in writing. We will contractually commit to the rollout duration in the form of an SLA. A fast rollout marketing database solution is what you will get with Dovetail.

How can we be so confident? First, Dovetail is an expert in marketing database solutions. Second, we focus multiple, senior, long-tenured personnel on each rollout to ensure that each marketing database solution gets the benefit of a seasoned implementation team.

We have a proven implementation process. It works. Fast. Every time.

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To learn more about Dovetail and our commitment to surpass our client’s expectations and provide a complete solution that will work, contact us at or 303.904.4771.

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