Marketing & Customer Data Integration

Where is your data? Possible locations include online sources, offline sources, operational databases, transactional systems, and opt-ins/opt-outs to name a few. Data exists anywhere in your organization where you have captured a name, a postal address, a phone number, or an email address. In some data repositories, you may capture all of these simultaneously and perhaps even a few attributes about them. In other places, you may capture a single piece of data—an email, postal address, or a phone number. Given the many silos where marketing data typically resides, marketing and customer data integration can be overwhelming and difficult. The Dovetail marketing database solution solves this problem.

Dovetail, a database marketing services provider, has been a marketing data integration expert for over 15 years. You’ve heard it said many different ways: 360 degree view, all of your data in one place, and single data source of marketing record. Many marketing database solution providers lay claim to excellent marketing data integration. But do they really fully integrate ALL of your marketing data? Do they truly excel at it? Or is marketing data integration buried in a myriad of other services they want to sell you? With most marketing database companies, marketing data integration becomes a remnant of their offering, not the most vital piece of your marketing database solution. What does Dovetail do differently? Learn more…

Marketing Database Data Flow