Marketing Data Integration Provides the Foundation for Data-Driven Marketing

At Dovetail, we believe data-driven marketing success is dependent on the ability to fully integrate all of your marketing data cohesively into your marketing database solution. Without successful marketing data integration, the significance of your most valuable asset—information—is drastically diminished. Today’s data-driven marketing campaigns demand fully integrated marketing data. Marketing data integration is at the heart of every Dovetail marketing database solution.

There are two, equally important, components to data integration done right—Development and Maintenance. Both must be done impeccably. Without both, your marketing database will fall short and your marketing efforts
will be in vain.

Marketing Database Development

Marketing database development must support each client’s unique marketing data integration needs. Dovetail’s implementation approach includes an in-depth Discovery process, intricate marketing database design, and marketing database update processes tailored to the nuances of your database marketing requirements. Consider this: Since 2001, every Dovetail implementation has consisted of the same core implementation team, including several senior-level staff.

Marketing Database Maintenance

Marketing database maintenance consistently integrates data from all sources. Marketing data must be validated, standardized, and corrected. Duplicates must be identified and rolled together per each client’s business rules. List selection and analytics must be supported at the individual, household, postal address, email, phone, account, and unique client-specified levels. Transactional data must be accurately allocated and summarized to create variables for marketing selection and analysis, ranging from the simplest Recency, Frequency, Monetary calculations to the most sophisticated predictive models.

Marketing data integration done properly means the marketing database solution is always actionable and ready for data-driven marketing initiatives. To learn more about marketing data integration, how we do it, and how it can work for you, contact us today at

Download Dovetail’s Guide to Marketing Database Maintenance, “Providing Pristine Marketing Data.”