Providing Pristine Marketing Data

Dovetail’s goal is to provide clients with accurate, trustworthy data they can rely on to build successful data-driven marketing campaigns. To do this, we apply rigorous processes that ensure your data is validated, standardized and corrected during each marketing database update. The following briefly describes each process we use to ensure your marketing database contains fresh, actionable data.


Data Validation Processes

Dovetail performs the following three types of essential data validation processes to ensure that the data is accurate prior to moving it into the marketing database for direct marketing to consumers or businesses.

Value Validation
Each data value is checked by performing client specific validations to each value. If a value does not sync up, the system flags it.

Distribution Validation
The distribution of values for the current update is compared to the value distribution of prior updates to ensure they are similar.

Relationship Validation
The internal consistency of the new data is matched against the existing data to ensure it is valid. Generally, relationship validation is the most difficult of the three validations and it often gets the least attention during many validation processes.

Data Cleansing Processes

To optimize your data, Dovetail applies the following cleansing processes.

Address Standardization
Dovetail uses FirstLogic™ Address Standardization and Encoding (ACE) software to perform postal address standardization.
National Change of Address (NCOA)
Dovetail works with vendor partners to perform NCOA.

Household Duplicate Identification
Identification of individuals who have the same postal address and last name.

Residence Duplicate Identification
Identification of individuals, regardless of last name, who have the same postal address.

Phone Number Duplicate Identification
Identification of individuals with duplicate phone numbers.

Email Address Duplicate Identification
Identification of duplicate email addresses.

Company Duplication Identification
Identification of duplicate companies.

Company Name Title Standardization
Standardize company name and individual title.

Delivery Point Validation
Compares and validates street addresses against the USPS database to ensure the addresses exist.

Data Integration
Integration of all your data—from internal and external data sources. We use merge/purge processes to integrate data elements such as a person’s name, firm name, postal address, email address and phone number.

Data Enhancement Processes

To make your marketing database even more robust, upon request, Dovetail works with partners to integrate a variety of enhancement data, such as demographics and lifestyles, segmentation and firmographic data. In addition, based on data elements present in the marketing database, other data elements can be calculated or derived.

After the completion of these data processes, you know your data is clean, standardized and ready-to-use. Your data is also highly deliverable—saving you money! You will no longer waste valuable direct marketing dollars sending your messages to undeliverable addresses or to more than one individual household or business. In addition to executing clean campaigns, your marketing data is in one place so you can perform analyses and gain a greater understanding of your consumers.