Database Marketing Service Provider

Why a Database Marketing Service Provider?

Organizations often turn to database marketing service providers, also known as marketing database solution providers, because they do not have the IT resources required to meet the organization’s technical demands. This typically occurs when IT has served as an internal database marketing service provider, tasked with building and supporting the marketing database infrastructure and system. However, IT has multiple, time-sensitive, and important responsibilities that cover many aspects of an organization’s business. Because IT has many operational responsibilities, these are often prioritized above their marketing responsibilities, and rightfully so. Therefore many companies turn to database marketing service providers to alleviate the burden placed on their IT departments.

Marketing service providers have the knowledge to architect a marketing database solution that is efficient, easy-to-use, and contains all of their marketing data. A marketing database built for direct marketers contains business rules marketers rely on to target their markets correctly as well as the ability to suppress specific records.

Marketers also want direct and immediate access to their marketing data. They need dedicated resources to ensure their data is accurate and up-to-date. Database marketing service providers keep marketing data actionable and ready for direct marketing purposes.

Very few marketing service providers focus solely on the marketing database solution, and consequently, there are many outsourced marketing database solutions that fall short of their promise, i.e. they are not actionable. Dovetail is a major middle market marketing service provider, laser-focused on developing and maintaining marketing database solutions, the foundation for successful database marketing.