Dovetail Provides Database Marketing Technology for MeritDirect

As MeritDirect’s database marketing technology provider, Dovetail focuses on the following core competencies:

  • Develop marketing databases
  • Host and maintain marketing databases
  • Provide web-based access to marketing databases

Dovetail’s database marketing services ensures your marketing data is always:

Database marketing technology is the key to data quality and necessary for precise data-driven marketing. You need to depend on your marketing data. If your marketing data is inaccurate, you won’t use it. Marketing data quality is a necessity for marketers to do their jobs. All too often, the data that marketers use is inaccurate and lacks validity. It is vital that marketers can rely on their data to precisely execute direct marketing campaigns and analyze their effectiveness.

Marketing data must be convenient to access anytime, anywhere. If your marketing data is not easy to access, you won’t use it. Marketers need immediate access to their marketing data from reliable database marketing technology that is intuitive and web-based. All too often, marketers do not have the technical aptitude or are asked to depend on others to access their data. It is essential that with a few mouse clicks marketers can get to the heart of their marketing data. Gaining analytical insight and engaging in data-driven marketing is simple with the right database marketing technology.

Marketing data needs to be current to be relevant. Your marketing data needs to always be up-to-date. If your marketing data is stale, you won’t use it. Marketers need a framework where marketing data quality is perpetually intact. All too often data is assembled for a marketing campaign, but then over time the data ages and becomes stale. Data-driven marketing is impossible with stale data. To execute the right offer at the right time to the right person using the right channel, it is imperative that marketing data is routinely and frequently updated with proven marketing database technology.

Marketing data integration provides the power to leverage all of your data for data-driven marketing. You need all of your marketing data cohesively interconnected. If your marketing data is in fragmented silos, you won’t use it. Marketers are faced with challenges that require their marketing data to be in one unified central location. All too often important marketing data resides in separate silos. It is essential to the marketer that fragmented and disparate datasets be brought together into a single, cohesive framework. Dovetail’s marketing database technology solution provides best-in-class customer data integration.

Dovetail’s Database Marketing Technology Ensures Your Marketing Data Is Always ACTIONABLE

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Learn more about Dovetail’s marketing database technology from MeritDirect by downloading Dovetail’s Only a Marketing Database is a Marketing Database PDF.