Do you have a true marketing database? Or is it faux?

Marketers work with numerous organizations that claim to have a marketing database solution. However, knowing if a marketing database is True or Faux is the key to identifying a marketing database solution that will help marketers reach goals and impact their bottom line.

Take the quiz and see if your marketing database solution is True or Faux.

  1. Is your marketing data always trustworthy, dependable and pristine?
  2. Is your marketing data fully maintained and as up-to-date as you need for your data-driven marketing campaigns?
  3. Is your marketing data easily accessed from your browser anytime?
  4. Can you run counts and perform analyses on your marketing data in minutes?
  5. Does your marketing database contain all the customer and prospect data available to your organization? Are there systems that contain valuable marketing data not included in your marketing database?
  6. Are you able to track promotion history and manage marketing fatigue?
  7. Is your marketing database scalable? Are you able to add new feeds, data elements, and business rules to your marketing database as your marketing needs evolve?
  8. Do you have custom reporting options based off fresh marketing data?
  9. Do you maximize the performance of other marketing and sales systems by feeding accurate data into these systems from your marketing database?
  10. Is multi-channel marketing a breeze?

If you answered “no” to any of the questions above, you may be using a substitute marketing database solution. Many variations of systems are used to substitute for a marketing database, and the fact is none of these function as well as a marketing database system. A true marketing database gives marketers everything listed above and so much more. Learn more about the benefits of a true marketing database.