In our last One-Minute-Brief, we identified the four primary traits necessary for actionable marketing data: Trustworthy, Accessible, Fresh, and Integrated (TAFI). This One-Minute-Brief will focus on Trustworthy marketing data.

When an Operations system is used for marketing purposes, data used for marketing may be incomplete, inaccurate, contain duplicates, and lack validation. A few examples include:

  • Only partial data may exist for an individual if they did not complete a sign-up form, and the data they did provide may not be validated for accuracy
  • If an organization gathers opt-out information separately from the Operations system being used for marketing, individuals who have made opt-out requests will not be removed from marketing campaigns, frustrating customers and prospects and wasting marketing dollars
  • If your organization requires users to register online by creating an account, individuals who forget their login or password (a frequent occurrence) may create multiple accounts, resulting in duplicate records within your Operations system

Trustworthy marketing data saves marketers time and money. If you do not have Trustworthy marketing data, you cannot have successful, data-driven marketing.

In the next One-Minute-Brief, we will discuss the marketing data trait: Accessible. We will continue to provide compelling reasons why using a true marketing database is the right alternative to using an Operations system.