What Makes Dovetail a Different Marketing Database Company

Learn more about why Dovetail is not like the competition.
We Specialize in Marketing Databases
We focus our efforts solely on developing, maintaining and providing access to marketing databases. Consequently, we know what works and what does not. Because most of our competitors focus their efforts on the various applications of the database after it is built, they do not excel at actually building the database. A poorly built database is sure to frustrate marketers, IT and executives alike. With Dovetail you can have a marketing database—high quality, quickly implemented and reasonably priced—to meet your organization’s unique marketing needs. That is why Dovetail is a different marketing database company.
We are Data Integration Experts
We blend data from both inside and outside your company into a single marketing database. We can integrate data such as operational, billing, transactional, lifestyle, segmentation, firmographic, derived data and predictive models. And we listen to you—to completely understand your business rules and ensure your data is integrated and tuned to meet your specifications. With Dovetail, your marketing decisions can be fueled by using all the data you need in a clean and ready-to-use format.
We’ll Make Your Data Squeaky Clean
Our developers are data cleanliness experts. We understand how important it is to have clean, accurate data. We use leading industry tools along with custom developed validation processes to rigorously cleanse your data—ensuring your data is accurate and actionable at all times.
We Offer a Powerful and Intuitive Data Access Tool—Designed Just for Marketers
The Dovetail® Application is a browser-based, intuitive and easy-to-use marketing tool—built to meet the day-to-day needs of marketers. It also comes with incredible user support and personalized training. Marketers can utilize the application immediately—running counts, pulling lists, creating targeted campaigns and analyzing campaign results right from their desktop. The Dovetail Application allows you to act on your data, not just look at it.
You Don’t Have to be the Expert
Marketers aren’t typically educated in database design and IT personnel are usually busy supporting everyday technical issues. We provide the expertise and ample training so that you can spend your time reaping the benefits of a well-designed and easy-to-access marketing database. Finally, you can concentrate on being a good marketer.
We Deliver Customized Solutions…Cheaper and Faster
We learn your unique business and marketing needs by leveraging proven requirements gathering and design processes—techniques that are both effective and time saving. Then we develop the best marketing database solution for your company. Dovetail continually delivers customized marketing database solutions in a fraction of the time and cost of our competition—without sacrificing quality. For a typical marketing
database, we can have a customized solution designed, developed and rolled out in 60 – 120 days.
Our Solutions are Simple
Our data access tool not only meets the day-to-day needs of marketers, it is also easy to learn and use. The simplicity of the Dovetail Application makes it easy for you to act on your data today—learn more about your customers, create targeted marketing campaigns, perform ad hoc campaign analysis and much more. In addition, we regularly enhance our tool with requests and suggestions from our users. And if you ever have a need outside of the Dovetail Application, our service team will help you get exactly what you need.
We Know the Meaning of Great Customer Service
Do you get tired of dealing with companies who provide marginal customer service or do not understand your business? Our Client Support Team provides extraordinary service you will not find with other marketing database companies. We care about each individual client and their business—we promise to delight you with our service. Just ask our customers.
Industry Leaders Love Us
Several of our clients are leaders in their fields—B.A.S.S., Benefit Cosmetics, Healthy Directions and LG are but a few of our clients.
We Are a Strong, Independent Company
Dovetail concentrates on its core business and is able to adapt to your unique and changing needs quickly. We are also financially stable. In addition, we have virtually no employee turnover—so you can rest assured the experts that are here today will be here tomorrow.