Integrate Email and Marketing Data with Dovetail

Dovetail recognizes the need for a highly effective, integrated Email Service Provider (ESP) solution as an execution channel, deployed from the marketing database solution. Through multiple ESP partner relationships, Dovetail works with each client to determine the best integrated ESP solution for their business. In the event a client already has an ESP solution in place and does not want to change, Dovetail works with the existing ESP solution. With each ESP deployment, lists pulled via the Dovetail Application are integrated with and seamlessly passed into the ESP deployed solution. Additionally, email results such as delivers, opens, bounces, opt-outs, and unique clicks are data feeds integrated back into the marketing database system and marketing database software—matched at the individual email level

Email Functionality
Via our ESP partnerships, Dovetail provides email solutions ranging from basic email functionality to the most sophisticated enterprise-wide email solutions available in the marketplace today. A high-level overview of Dovetail’s email functionality is listed below, or you can download Dovetail’s Email Application guide

Email Creation
Dovetail provides each client an easy, non-technical user interface to create graphically rich email including colors, images, links, and surveys. If a client organization prefers to generate their email using a more technical toolset, this functionality is supported as well.

Email Personalization
Email can be personalized for basic variables such as first and last name. Highly personalized email can also be generated and sent using any variable(s) in the marketing database.

Sending and Deliverability
All of Dovetail’s ESP relationships are with highly reputable, permission-based ESPs. As part of best practice deliverability guidelines, measures such as content filtering, volume filtering, dedicated IP, whitelisting, and strict opt-in/opt-out requirements ensure the highest levels of deliverability.

Reporting and Tracking
Robust reporting functionality is available. This ranges from simple campaign metrics to highly customized, dynamically generated reports using all variables from the ESP and/or marketing database.

Automated Email
Various types of automated email functionality are available. This includes “set it and forget it” functionality, drip campaigns, and sophisticated business rule determined email sends, the specifics of which are driven by the actions of each individual email recipient.

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