True or False? Anyone can build and maintain a marketing database

False! The truth is, a marketing database that is done right requires a specialist

What’s in a Dovetail Marketing Database? Dovetail’s marketing database solution provides full integration of all of your marketing data—disparate data in silos is now a thing of the past. During the integration process your data is run through numerous validation, standardization, and correction processes—resulting in actionable marketing data ready to be used for your direct marketing campaigns.

What’s TAFI Data?

The data in your Dovetail Marketing Database is Trustworthy, Accessible, Fresh & Integrated (TAFI).

How Do I Access My Data?

Easily access your marketing data from the web-based Dovetail Application to run counts, analyses, reports, and many other helpful marketing applications.

Secrets to a Successful Marketing Database Solution

Unlike other database marketing companies, Dovetail focuses on the marketing database. To build a marketing database we follow proven implementation steps, starting with the Discovery process. To ensure the marketing database will meet your needs, we take the time to learn about your requirements and how you will use your marketing database. We do not force your database into a rigid framework like other database marketing companies.

We work with you to define your maintenance plan and how to keep your marketing database current with your marketing objectives. Your Account Manager continually works with you to ensure your marketing database fully meets your needs—Dovetail wants your marketing database to grow with you, not become outdated and useless.

The Dovetail Application provides direct access to your marketing database through your web browser. Our application was built with marketers in mind. It is simple and user-friendly. Run counts, extract, and download your lists in minutes.

Dovetail is the Marketing Database Specialist

Dovetail has been building, hosting, and maintaining marketing databases for over 2 decades. That is our focus. We aren’t like other companies who offer a marketing database as one of many services. We provide you with a foundational marketing database solution. One that fits your needs now and in the future. And because it is our main focus, we can offer our marketing database solution at a substantial cost savings. We will build your marketing database and have you fully implemented in 60-120 days—no one else in the industry does this. Dovetail also provides outstanding client service. Your dedicated Account Manager will understand your business and know how you can get the most from your marketing database. And we aren’t just saying that. Ask our clients.

TAFI—Trustworthy, Accessible, Fresh & Integrated

TAFI is more than candy to Dovetail. It’s the peace of mind that comes with every marketing database we build. A Dovetail Marketing Database ensures your data is always Trustworthy, Accessible, Fresh & Integrated. You’ll know your data is actionable and ready to use anytime. You’ll also know all of your valuable data is immediately available to help you learn more about your customers and prospects—equipping you to make knowledgeable marketing decisions.

The Dovetail® Application

The Dovetail Application contains a variety of tools to help you define targeted marketing campaigns.

  • List Manager
  • Analysis Manager
  • Standard & Custom Reports
  • Additional Marketing Applications

We have developed the Dovetail Application to be easy-to-use. Non-technical users can utilize the application immediately. For sophisticated users, we offer direct access to your integrated marketing database.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Dovetail offers an email and SMS solution that is fully integrated into the Dovetail Application, or we will integrate with your existing ESP. Integration gives you complete access to the relevant data you need to do your job—web analytics, email tracking, social media, abandon carts, and much more.

Learn More About Dovetail—The Marketing Database Specialist

To find out how a marketing database will benefit your company, visit us at or contact us at 303.904.4771 to schedule a demo.