Dovetail’s SMS/Text Messaging Application

Today’s subscribers are on-the-go. To establish and maintain effective one-to-one relationships, marketers must engage subscribers no matter their location. Text messaging or SMS (Short Messaging Service), lets savvy marketers create programs to reach those mobile subscribers through text messaging. Dovetail SMS is fully integrated into the Dovetail marketing database solution—allowing users to seamlessly work between both applications. Results from your SMS campaigns are also integrated into your Dovetail marketing database solution. You will have all of your marketing data at your finger tips for segmentation and analyses purposes.

Dovetail SMS allows marketers to send personalized text messages to individuals or large audiences. In addition, marketers can create programs where subscribers can send in text messages to participate in pre-scripted conversations. Dovetail SMS is powered by our strategic partner ExactTarget. ExactTarget was recently named the “Leader of the Pack” by Forester Research.
Dovetail SMS/Text Messaging offers the following core functionalities.
Dovetail’s SMS/Text Messaging Application

Triggered Text Messaging to an Individual or Audience. With ExactTarget, you can send personalized, triggered text messages to individuals or large audiences. Text alerts may include promotional information, coupons, or exclusive opportunities. In addition, your subscribers can send in text messages to participate in pre-scripted conversations.

Subscriber List Growth and Engagement. Solve real business problems with inbound text messaging. Engage subscribers where they’re most likely to respond (e.g. at an on-site or off-line event) through text-in programs that trigger emails or text messages. Grow the quality and quantity of subscriber lists by creating programs where subscribers text in data (e.g. an email address) that is passed directly to your ExactTarget account.

International Text Messaging. With international text messaging capabilities, you can send subscriber alerts, promote text capture opt-ins, or trigger text messages that support your organization’s unique business needs-in the United States, Canada, and in 10 countries across Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Text Tracking & Analysis. Ensure all text messages have been received, and analyze the performance of your text messaging programs alongside your other one-to-one marketing campaigns.

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