colorful_upright_arrowsMulti-channel marketing has become a necessity for marketers. Consumers interact with brands through a variety of channels. Therefore, brands need to establish a presence across all consumer touch points—allowing the consumer to select the platform that makes their purchasing journey easy and convenient.
Knowing the right channels, the right message, and the right time to interact with your customers and prospects is the key to multi-channel marketing. That’s where the single customer view becomes invaluable. The single customer view allows marketers to analyze their customer purchase journey to uncover valuable insight into their consumers; some common examples are listed below.

  • Touch point sequence leading to purchase
  • Research conducted prior to making a purchase
  • Content marketing that encourages conversion
  • Popular purchase touch points
  • Barriers or gaps encountered during the purchase process
  • Up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

Once marketers know more about how consumers become customers, they will be able to define marketing strategies and tactics that will impact the bottom line. Marketers will also be able to personalize the consumer experience along the purchasing journey and ensure consumers have a consistent experience across all marketing channels.

Dovetail’s marketing database solution delivers marketers a fully-integrated marketing database that provides a single customer view, which provides valuable insight into the customer’s purchase journey. Dovetail’s marketing database solution includes standard database marketing applications, modules, and custom reporting tools. This functionality provides marketers with immense power and insight—right at their fingertips.