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For over 20 years, Dovetail has provided a stable foundation of Trustworthy, Accessible, Fresh & Integrated marketing data to help marketers make decisions based on valid marketing data and
execute data-driven marketing campaigns.


“We had the data in one place…Dovetail came in and became experts in our data and helped us get it transitioned quickly enough to meet the deadlines”

Director of Marketing
Enhanced Internet Experience Service

“Dovetail was the firm that really seemed to be focused on database management as their core business. The other folks were looking for ways to get around the messy job of cleaning up data, whereas Dovetail was willing to take that on—dealing with the multiple formats and so forth.”

Senior Director of Marketing
International Travel Consortium

“We quickly realized what we needed was a machine, the mechanics and someone who could do the mechanics of maintaining the database.”

VP of Marketing
Commericial Enterprise