How can you avoid marketing and list fatigue? If you do not know who, how often, and which channel(s) you are using to market to your customers, it is nearly inevitable that you will over-market to them. And this will likely impact your best customers. There are consequences to this fatigue. Your customers may tune you out, and if you saturate them with overwhelming, non-relevant communication, they may globally opt-out from all of your marketing communications. In the worst of cases, they may even take to social media saying how much they used to like your company and products, but they now complain for the world to see.

This is an easy fate to avoid. Use your marketing database to track each and every marketing touch. When building a campaign, use your touch history to suppress customers who may be at risk of over-marketing. Effective management of promotion and touch history will ensure happier, more loyal customers and help you strengthen relationships with your best customers.

In future One-Minute-Briefs, Dovetail will continue to provide quick hitting thoughts and insights to help you get the most from your marketing database.