In our One-Minute-Brief series, we are discussing the need for marketing data to be Trustworthy, Accessible, Fresh, and Integrated (TAFI). In our last One-Minute-Brief, we discussed Accessible data; in this One-Minute-Brief, we will discuss the need for Fresh marketing data.

Fresh marketing data is essential to your database marketing and CRM efforts. Below are a few examples of data that, if fresh, will improve your overall marketing success and your permission-based marketing efforts:

  • Multi-channel contact information
  • Channel preference data
  • Recent purchase history
  • Online behaviors

As a marketer, if you want to be relevant and credible, your data must be current. Marketers who settle for using old, stale data from systems never intended for marketing purposes run the risk of portraying their organization as unreliable and disorganized.

Fresh marketing data helps ensure successful database marketing and provides marketers with the up-to-date data necessary to execute winning marketing campaigns!

In the next One-Minute-Brief, we will discuss the marketing data trait: Integrated. We will continue to provide compelling reasons why using a true marketing database is the right alternative to using an Operations system.