In our recent series, we defined the need for Trustworthy, Accessible, Fresh, and Integrated (TAFI) data. TAFI data is important because it empowers successful data-driven marketing when it is consumed and leveraged by other systems that require actionable data at their core.

Many organizations use Business Intelligence (BI) tools to learn more about their customers and how to market more effectively to them. There are many elegant, visually appealing Business Intelligence tools available in the marketplace. However, Business Intelligence tools create reports and analyses that are only as accurate as the data they are consuming. To ensure the data you use for Business Intelligence is trustworthy and actionable, ask yourself the following questions:

Business Intelligence tools provide excellent visualization and insight to marketers. To maximize your Business Intelligence tool’s potential, make sure the data you use for Business Intelligence is made of TAFI!

Future One-Minute-Briefs will continue to provide thoughts on how to use and leverage TAFI data through deployment systems such as Content Management, Marketing Automation, Campaign Management, and Data Mining/Analysis.