Marketing Data Access and Software

Consider these database marketing scenarios:

  • Need to run counts in seconds? No problem.
  • Need to run a frequency of your database by gender? Virtually instantaneous.
  • Need to pull a list? Build a multi-channel, multi-segment list with a few clicks of your mouse.

The Dovetail Application is the easiest, most intuitive, built-for-direct-marketing database software available today. The force behind the Dovetail Application is not engineers, sales people, or even the marketplace per se. Instead, its functionality is driven by Dovetail’s clients and their needs.

We’ve seen it time and time again. The same tasks that can take organizations weeks or even months to do, can be accomplished in a few minutes using the Dovetail Application. Most expensive functionality purchased from Dovetail’s competitors is never even used and what is used is difficult and complex. And support? If you’re with a large marketing database provider, does support come from the marketing database company or from the third-party software provider they license? You shouldn’t be caught in the middle trying to figure this out.

What once took organizations weeks or even months to do, Dovetail Application users do in a few minutes.