In our One-Minute-Brief series, we are discussing the need for marketing data to be Trustworthy, Accessible, Fresh, and Integrated (TAFI). In our last One-Minute-Brief, we discussed Trustworthy data; in this One-Minute-Brief, we will discuss the need for marketing data access.

Marketers are often frustrated because they know marketing data exists to power their marketing efforts, but they do not have access to this valuable resource. A few examples of poor data accessibility include:

  • Marketers do not have the technical ability to access the systems where marketing data exists
  • Marketers are unable to access various systems because they are not granted user permissions
  • If Marketers run marketing queries in non-marketing systems, they may compete with other system resources, risking system slow down 

A marketing database solution ensures your marketing data access is easily and always at your finger tips. Marketing data access is essential to successful database marketing and provides marketers with peace of mind!

In the next One-Minute-Brief, we will discuss the marketing data trait: Fresh. We will continue to provide compelling reasons why using a true marketing database is the right alternative to using an Operations system.

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