Marketing Database Access with an Easy Web-Based Application

Your marketing data must be accessible to be useful, but trying to master the use of your marketing database access software can be a job all by itself. If your world is filled with user manuals, long training sessions, and rollouts of new functionality that may look cool but that you didn’t ask for and don’t need—then even the best developed, well-maintained marketing database solution is useless. Or maybe you’re depending on other people, other technical resources, to get to your marketing data. You know their priority is rarely your priority.

The Dovetail Application is web-based, marketing database access software that is extremely intuitive and easy-to-use. The functionality of the Dovetail Application is driven by our client users. If they need it, it’s there, but if they don’t, it’s not. The Dovetail Application marketing database software provides sophisticated database marketing functionality and is easy-to-use.

You can run counts, build and extract lists, and perform various types of analyses—instantly, at your fingertips, with a few clicks of the mouse. When marketers see a demo they often ask if they can “drive”, and they can. We keep it simple and focused on the user.

Your version of the Dovetail Application will use your organization’s language and terminology. The terms your company uses to describe marketing campaigns, customers, goals, plans, etc. are easily built into the marketing database access software—making the application custom fit for your needs.

Only Dovetail provides a hand-in-glove fit between the marketing database system and the marketing database access software. Our users love it. Every client we have will tell you so.