A Marketing Database That Fits Your Needs

Marketing database development requires experts in:

  • Marketing database design
  • Marketing data integration
  • Marketing database implementation

If you have looked around, or maybe through your own experience, you know that the database marketing world is filled with failed implementations. Many organizations have spent large sums of money, only to end up with a delayed, partially functioning, and largely unusable marketing database solution. Dovetail has never failed at a marketing database implementation.

At Dovetail, we know that every client has a unique set of needs. Your marketing database development initiative must be performed according to your specific needs. We are custom marketing database system development experts. Dovetail does not try to make each client’s marketing database system fit into a cookie-cutter, rigid mold.

Dovetail listens—truly listens—to the database marketing needs of each client. Through our Discovery process, we capture the highest level business and marketing needs along with every detail, such as which data elements need to be in the marketing database solution. The result is a highly functioning, robust marketing database system that sits at the center—the foundation—of each client’s database marketing world.

We develop, implement, and rollout fast for most engagements, in 90 to 120 days.

Every Dovetail client has experienced a positive, successful marketing database development and implementation. Every client we have will tell you so.