A Fully Maintained, Up-To-Date Marketing Database

Your marketing database solution must be continuously well-maintained. If you are like most marketers, your world prior to a successful implementation and routine marketing database maintenance looked like this: every campaign, every analysis, and every list pull became a project. The project consisted of cross-functional organizational resources, complex processes, and lengthy timelines. Then the results of that project quickly aged and became obsolete. When the next marketing need surfaced, you had to start a new project from scratch.

Why is marketing database maintenance important?

Virtually every organization has two universal concerns regarding marketing database maintenance. First, is my marketing data up-to-date, accurate, and usable—is my data always ready when I need it? Second, will the marketing database solution support my changing database marketing and organizational needs? With the implementation of proper marketing database maintenance procedures, Dovetail squarely addresses these types of concerns, virtually eliminating them, making room for the marketer to focus on database marketing, not data management.

Dovetail stays in sync with each client’s evolving high-level marketing goals, while simultaneously managing the precise details of marketing database maintenance through thorough  update processes. This keeps the marketing database at the center—the foundation—of each client’s database marketing world.

Dovetail will successfully maintain your marketing database solution with the following critical components:

  • State-of-the-art marketing data validation, standardization, and correction processes executed in a three-tiered marketing database system architecture.
  • Single-point-of-contact client service and quarterly on-site meetings.
  • Highly scalable, secure, and redundant hosting infrastructure.

Ongoing attention to ensure that each client’s marketing database solution remains fresh, accurate, relevant, and always ready for database marketing purposes.

At Dovetail, our primary goal is to have satisfied, long-term clients. And we do. Every client we have will tell you so.