Marketing success relies on marketing software.
Or does it?

Marketers have a wide variety of software to select from to get their job done and to be successful. However, these tools often neglect to tell marketers that the backbone of the system is the data. In fact, it seems like it is just assumed—a given—that high quality data is always available. As a seasoned marketer, you know the exact opposite is true. Without pristine, fully-integrated marketing data at their core, these systems will never fulfill their promise and may even result in negative ROI.

Marketers have a wealth of information throughout their organization. Collecting all of the data, integrating the different data sources, cleansing, and maintaining the data to feed into marketing software requires specific capabilities not available to most marketers or their software providers. It is ironic that in order to use the marketing software, companies are often forced to integrate only the most basic marketing data they are able to link together, thereby excluding valuable data from a system that purports robust integration and functionality.

Data or marketing software?

Marketers often fall victim to the glitz and glam of marketing software and forget the essential driving force behind the software—pristine marketing data. While many marketing tools provide marketers with the ability to streamline marketing activities and make marketers more efficient and effective, the systems can only do so when their foundation is trustworthy, fresh, and fully-integrated marketing data.

What should be at the core of marketing & sales tools to ensure success?

At the core of any marketing or sales system there must be pristine, well managed marketing data. The core data must utilize marketing data that exists in all company systems (offline and online) that contain valuable marketing data. Core integration processes then need to execute matching to roll-up data by level, e.g., individual, address, company, title, email, phone, twitter handle, etc. Core integrated data provides marketers real-time, clean, valid data that paints an accurate picture of their customers and prospects. This is a game changer for marketing and sales systems and unlocks their full value for your organization. By feeding your marketing systems reliable, relevant marketing data, your systems will be able to deliver on their promises.