In our data-driven world it is becoming increasingly harder for marketers to reign in their marketing data. The emergence of marketing tools to help marketers understand and wisely utilize their big data has exploded. Dovetail and MeritDirect recognize that the marketing database is the foundation for database marketing. However, once you have a marketing database, a new world of possibilities opens to marketers. Marketers now have capabilities to execute data-driven marketing techniques they only imagined a few short years ago.

Dovetail’s parent company, MeritDirect, offers a wide array of solutions to help marketers further understand and monetize their marketing data. Together we are working hard to help marketers exceed their marketing objectives and get results. To learn more about MeritDirect’s offering, visit marketing solutions.

Utilizing database marketing tools to promote data-driven marketing in your organization is a necessity today. Learn how other organizations are using Dovetail and MeritDirect to increase their bottom line and rise above the competition by reading a few case studies.