In our recent series, we defined the need for Trustworthy, Accessible, Fresh, and Integrated (TAFI) data. TAFI data is important because it empowers successful data-driven marketing.

If your organization is engaged in data mining or predictive modeling efforts, it quickly becomes apparent that high quality data is essential. Your learnings and how to execute based on these learnings will succeed, or fail, largely based on your data. Therefore, before engaging in data mining or predictive modeling, it is helpful to answer these basic questions:

  • Does my dataset contain all relevant marketing data available throughout my organization?
  • Will my analyst/modeler be able to spend time on the technical task at hand, as opposed to chasing, cleaning, and fixing data?
  • Is multi-level data integration important to my business? Examples include roll-ups to unique email, mobile number, account, Individual, or household level.
  • Do I have processes in place to keep my data updated on an ongoing basis to support evolving data mining and predictive model adjustment needs?

If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, you are ready to start your project. Ensuring your data is Trustworthy, Accessible, Fresh, and Integrated is the foundation of successful data mining and predictive modeling efforts.

Future One-Minute-Briefs will continue to provide thoughts on how to use and leverage TAFI data through deployment systems such as Content Management, Marketing Automation, and Campaign Management.