A Successful Data-Driven Marketing Foundation
Requires TAFI

What is data-driven marketing? What is pristine, actionable data? Pristine, actionable data is the key to a successful data-driven marketing foundation. Actionable data is characterized by Trustworthy, Accessible, Fresh & Integrated (TAFI) data. Only true TAFI data gives marketers the pristine data necessary to create a data-driven marketing foundation that will impact your bottom line.

As a database marketer, you need to have confidence in your marketing database solution and marketing data. Your data needs to be accurate, dependable, and reliable. If the following characterizes your data, then your data is NOT trustworthy:

  • You are using one or two primary operational systems to substitute for a marketing database solution.
  • Your counts, transactional data, and reports are different depending on the system you use to obtain them. Different departments within your organization use marketing data from different sources and the data lacks uniformity.
  • You cannot use your marketing data for budgeting purposes and cost forecasting because it is not accurate.
  • You cannot conduct your database marketing initiatives with confidence because your underlying data is questionable. Department credibility may suffer because of poor data quality. It is difficult or impossible to validate your data across systems because your data lacks consistency.
  • You cannot effectively measure marketing response.

With the proper marketing database solution, your marketing data is consistently trustworthy and dependable.

As a database marketer, you need easy access to your marketing database system—the foundation for data-driven marketing. This access must be convenient, intuitive, and immediate. If the following characterizes your data, then your data is NOT accessible:

  • You are frustrated because you cannot get to your data. This may be because you have to depend on others in your organization such as IT, or the marketing database access software you use to access your marketing database system is unwieldy and cumbersome.
  • You may work with an outsourced marketing database company, but they have not provided a means of access to your data other than calling them and making requests. This process is time-consuming and inefficient. The system you use to access your data is not web-enabled. Consequently you have to be on a certain PC, perhaps at a certain time, to get to your data. You are a power user with a strong skill set but you do not have access to your marketing database system via a technical tool that supports your needs. Whenever you need or receive a request from a stakeholder for a list pull, count, analysis, or report, it is a cumbersome, laborious process to get to your data.
  • You want various users to have different levels of permission, but this functionality is not available or supported in your marketing database access software.

With the proper marketing database solution, your marketing database is web-accessible anytime, anywhere.

As a database marketer, you need your marketing data to be current. Your data must be updated and ready-to-use at all times. If the following characterizes your marketing data, then your data is NOT fresh:

  • Your marketing database system updates are performed infrequently, and this is adversely affecting your database marketing efforts. Recency is the most important aspect of your RFM, but your data is too old to effectively support database marketing based on Recency.
  • Your speed to market for time-sensitive offers and promotions is insufficient because your marketing data is stale.
  • Your database marketing initiatives are dynamic and require agility, but your marketing data is not up-to-date to support your needs. You have automated lists and triggered campaign needs, and these are based on fresh data. These campaigns are suffering and ineffective because your data is out-of-date.
  • You realize that current versus old data is a substantial factor in your database marketing success or lack thereof, but you do not have a means to make your data fresh.

With the proper marketing database solution, your marketing database is always up-to-date, fresh, and ready to act upon.

As a database marketer, you need your marketing data integrated. Your marketing data must be cohesive, unified, and interconnected across all channels and touch points. Of the four TAFI elements, Integration is both the most important and the most difficult to execute. If the following characterizes your marketing data, then your marketing data is NOT integrated:

  • Your organization has settled on using just one source of data for database marketing purposes, typically a primary operational source such as a POS or eCommerce system. Because data is not integrated from any other sources, this one source is poorly substituting for a fully integrated marketing database.
  • You want to identify a consumer but are caught in a quagmire trying to process, identify, and match on first name, last name, postal address, email address, and phone. Your consumer transactional data is not effectively aggregated across touch points and channels.
  • You know that your transactional data is either too granular or too rolled up but cannot determine how to remedy this situation.
  • Your organization’s multi-channel communications are perceived by your customers as duplicate and even inconsistent messages. When it comes to marketing offers and communications, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing, and consequently, you create a customer credibility gap.
  • You have endeavored or are in the middle of implementing an internal solution to integrate and manage your marketing data, but it is taking a long time, perhaps many months or even years, to make anything happen.
  • Your organization embraces the principle of a 360-degree view of the customer, but the reality is that you still only have a collection of fragmented data in disparate silos. There are business rules that would be greatly beneficial if applied to your database marketing, but you do not have an integrated marketing database solution to utilize them.

With the proper marketing database solution, all of your marketing data is cohesively integrated in an interconnected marketing database system.

Need TAFI?

Dovetail knows data-driven marketing starts with data, not software.

If the foundation for data-driven marketing lacks TAFI, it simply will not work.