Trustworthy, Accessible, Fresh & Integrated (TAFI) data is important because it empowers successful data-driven marketing when it is consumed and leveraged by other systems that require actionable data at their core. Another example illustrating the positive impact of TAFI data in other systems is an organization’s call center.

Calls to a call center are the perfect time to cross-sell and make a positive, lasting impression on your customers. Sadly, these opportunities are missed when Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) lack a 360-degree view of the customer. Regardless of the reason the customer called, the CSR can be helpful, empowered, and precise IF they know all of the interactions that the customer has had with the organization across all channels. Just a few examples of relevant and valuable data include:

  1. Products purchased
  2. Web pages viewed
  3. Shopping carts abandoned
  4. Complaints from the customer
  5. Loyalty program status
  6. Level of email engagement such as emails opened and click-throughs

All too frequently, CSRs at call centers miss opportunities because TAFI data is neither available nor fully leveraged. Linking to TAFI data in your marketing database real-time via a web service API will provide your CSRs with the rich, relevant, intelligent data they need to increase your organization’s marketing effectiveness and efficiency.

Future One-Minute-Briefs will continue to provide thoughts on how to use and leverage TAFI data through systems such as Business Intelligence, Content Management, Marketing Automation, Campaign Management, and Data Mining/Analysis. To learn more about Dovetail go to What We Do.