TAFI data is important because it empowers successful data-driven marketing when it is consumed and leveraged by other systems that require actionable data at their core. A prime example illustrating the positive impact of TAFI data in other systems is an organization’s ESP. Virtually every business sends email marketing messages; many use their ESP as their primary communication deployment system. But how actionable is the underlying data that is used by an ESP? Even the most robust, feature-filled ESP is only as good as the data it uses. Most organizations have rich data throughout their various systems, but rarely does all of this rich data reach the ESP. Often the data given to the ESP is lacking in terms of both quality and integration. If this characterizes your organization, what should you do?

  1. Be intentional
  2. Make your data TAFI
  3. Build programs and code to
    • Bring TAFI data from your marketing database into your ESP, and
    • Bring email behaviors and tracking results back into your marketing database

Yes, this takes focus, commitment, and resource. But inefficiently using poor quality data in your ESP costs you resource, hinders your marketing, and potentially hurts your organization’s reputation. If you want to maximize the value of your ESP, increase response rates, and decrease opt-outs and complaints, then make the data you use in your ESP support these objectives. When you do, you will notice your email marketing becomes more effective because your ESP is now using segmented, targeted, 1-to-1, relevant data. Future One-Minute-Briefs will continue to provide thoughts on how to use and leverage TAFI data through deployment systems such as Call Center, Business Intelligence, Content Management, Marketing Automation, Campaign Management, and Data Mining/Analysis. Learn more about Dovetail Email.