Successful marketing campaigns require marketing data that is actionable. If your marketing data lacks any of these four characteristics, it will not be actionable: Trustworthy, Accessible, Fresh, and Integrated. At Dovetail, we call this TAFI.

Many organizations use their operations systems as a substitute for a marketing database. The problem is this, operations systems don’t have TAFI. If your source for marketing data doesn’t deliver in all of the following ways, you are not getting the best results from your marketing efforts:

  • Your marketing data needs to be trustworthy and accurate, so you can count on your data
  • Your marketers should have easy, intuitive access to their marketing data when they need it
  • Your marketing data should be fresh and always up-to-date
  • Your marketing data should be fully integrated and contain ALL of the valuable marketing data available within your organization
  • Your marketers should be able to market to unique levels, such as individual, household, address, and email address

The next four One-Minute-Briefs will define the four TAFI traits and their importance to marketing.  In addition, marketers will learn about the differences between the marketing data available in operational systems versus a marketing database and why there is no substitute for a true marketing database.