As a database marketer, it is essential that you have confidence in your data and your marketing database solution. Over the years, as Dovetail has engaged in our mission of developing, maintaining, and providing access to marketing databases, we have identified four primary traits that are required to characterize marketing data for that data to be actionable. At Dovetail, we have coined the term “TAFI” (like the candy), to define the essentials for actionable marketing data. Think about your own marketing data, where it meets the mark, and where it might fall short as you read the description of TAFI marketing data below.
You need to depend on your marketing data. If your marketing data is inaccurate, you won’t use it. As a database marketer, trusting your marketing database solution and marketing data is vital to your success. Your data needs to be accurate, dependable, and reliable.
You need easy access to your marketing data. If you cannot easily get to your marketing data, you won’t use it. As a database marketer, easy access to your marketing database system and marketing data is a necessity. This access must be convenient, intuitive, immediate, and robust.
Your marketing data needs to always be current. If your marketing data is stale, you won’t use it. As a database marketer, up-to-date marketing data is crucial to your success. Your data must be updated and ready-to-use at all times.
You need all of your marketing data cohesively interconnected. If your marketing data is in fragmented silos, you won’t use it. As a database marketer, integrated marketing data is imperative to support your needs. Your marketing data must be unified and interrelated across all channels and touchpoints. Of the four TAFI marketing data traits, Integration is both the most important and the most difficult to execute.

What’s next?
This article is the first of five TAFI-related articles. The next four articles will delve into further detail on each of the four TAFI traits. Our goal is for you to view your marketing data through the TAFI lens and provoke some thought that helps make your marketing data more actionable. And just like taffy, your marketing data will be in a nice package ready for you to enjoy as you cook up your next direct marketing campaign.

The next article in this series is The “T” Stands for Trustworthy Data.