Data disparities are plaguing marketers and impeding the creation of those journeys in many cases—16% of small business, 20% of mid-sized business, 19% of enterprise, 19% of B2B, and 18% of B2B respondents said their customer data systems were not at all integrated.

Survey by SalesForce Marketing Cloud

The single customer view allows marketers to see and understand their customer’s behavior and their purchase journey. By following the customer’s purchase journey, marketers are empowered to:


  • Identify and remove barriers that keep consumers from completing a conversion
  • Provide timely, personalized content marketing to optimize purchases during the customer journey
  • Identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Ensure the proper marketing channels offer the pertinent information consumers want


However, according to a survey done by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, marketers are plagued by their lack of ability to integrate marketing data. In fact, the report states that over three-fourths of the senior level marketers surveyed indicated they had no integration or were only partially integrated.  Without a fully-integrated single customer view, marketers struggle to lead their consumers to a successful purchase.


A single customer view requires marketing data to be fully-integrated from all internal and external systems containing marketing data, including systems such as CRM, marketing automation, transactional, operational, email, website systems, and third-party enhancement data. Processes must be established to continually update recent marketing data into the database as well as regularly exporting actionable marketing data to the organization’s marketing and sales systems. Marketing data must be maintained by standardizing and performing routine data hygiene processes to provide marketers with actionable, smart marketing data. Skip any of these requirements and your foundational single customer view will prove to be worthless.

Dovetail’s marketing database solution provides marketers with everything they need to understand and leverage the customer’s purchase journey. Once you have actionable data to analyze your consumer’s behavior, you can utilize the same data to power your marketing and sales systems. Fueled with integrated, actionable, up-to-date marketing data, your marketing and sales systems will have the power to meet your marketing goals and increase your bottom-line.

Features & Benefits

  • Integration with all necessary business systems
  • Ability to tap into your marketing database from marketing and sales systems anytime—creating valuable real-time access to your marketing data
  • A variety of standard and custom reporting options
  • Single source of record for marketers

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