Trust Your Marketing Data

Dovetail knows your marketing data is the foundation to successful marketing. To ensure your marketing data is always in pristine condition, your marketing data is put through vigorous processes to validate, standardize, correct, and enhance your marketing data. And we do not stop there! We routinely apply the same principles and processes to your marketing data during each marketing database update.

Dovetail regularly updates your marketing database by incorporating changes and additions from each data source compiled into your marketing database. During each update we apply a unique ID to various data levels (address ID, Company ID, Employee ID, Individual ID, etc.). The result is Entity ID resolution—appropriate matching and rolling up of all your records. Once complete, Dovetail has the ability to match and consolidate all of your records—providing you with a true single customer view.

For example, if you have a consumer who has called your call center looking for information about a specific product or service and the same consumer has also been to your website, you’d want to know. Right? Dovetail identifies the consumer and integrates all of the information about that one consumer into your marketing database. And because we routinely update your marketing data, you have all the facts in one place and in time to act on your marketing data.

The Importance of Trustworthy Marketing Data

Marketing campaigns often depend on the accuracy and reliability of your marketing data—from creating a relatable message for your audience to appropriate follow-ups throughout the customer journey to determining the ROI for a campaign. Know exactly who your customer is and how they interact with your organization–no matter how that interaction occurred–providing marketers with the knowledge necessary to execute successful data-driven marketing campaigns that will effect your bottom line.

Put your marketing data to work and start making data-driven decisions today!

Right Marketing Data Makes a Difference

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